Crocs and Cows: An Adventurous Ride

I arrived on time with my luggage in hand! A much different story from India. After arriving at the hotel our group met up at the local chicken restaurant, which was past Denny’s and the beyond the entrance to the Casino. After a good night of sleep, a hearty breakfast of stuffed tortillas, huevos (eggs), and fresh pineapple and papaya, Roger and Anita picked up our van, or small autobus. We then started off on our ride to Bahia Ballena, a trip that would be full of adventures.

It wasn’t long before we were heading North. We should have been heading West and Southwest. After about 40 minutes on driving, we turned around to head back to the airport, and then took the back roads through a few towns. Eventually we found the road we needed to travel down through the river valley and out to the Pacific. We eventually reached the Pacific Ocean and our first destination, a boat ride with Crocodile Man Tour.

What would a boat ride be to see crocodiles without someone getting in the water with them? Without an ounce of fear in his blood, our tour guide Jason kicked off his saddles and hopped into the muck and mud of the brackish water. With a few pieces of raw chicken, theses crocs had no reservations about getting closer to claim their treat, whether it was going to be man or chicken. Luckily the chickens won, or lost, deepening on whose side your on.

In addition to the crocodiles, there were a variety of birds, black and green iguanas, and some Jesus Christ lizards. On our way out of  Tarcoles during the afternoon rain, we passed a field of cows who were quite content.

After watching crocodiles eat, it was time for us to eat some food before we continued our drive to Bahia Ballena.

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