Making headlines in La Nacion, a national newspaper in Costa Rica

Three weeks ago, 3 of us from Geoporter took a trip to San Jose, a 3.5 hour car ride to meet with a reporter from La Nación, a national newspaper in Costa Rica to talk about the Geoporter Program and the projects we are working on here. Saturday, June 8, (which happened to also be World Oceans Day) an article came out in La Nación about one of the Geoporter projects: Monitoring Whales in Marino Ballena National Park.

Today, Monday, we are starting a series of three workshops to prepare additional guides and captains how to use GPS for monitoring whales in this project.

We are stoked about this article and one of the key things to remember is that the guides and captains in Bahía Ballena are the ones recording the observations and making the maps! What a great group of individuals to work with and

Here’s a link to the article:



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