Snorkeling at Caño and inquisitive tourists.

My host father Rafa, let me go on another boat tour with Bahia Aventuras, this time a full day tour to Caño Island. After some cloudy skies, Thursday was sunny and clear – perfect weather for snorkeling and swimming at the island. On the boat I sat near the back next to our guide Reymer – it was great to see the GPS unit seeing some action when we spotted groups of dolphins and turtles next to the boat!


After 1.5 hours on the boat we arrived at Caño and got our snorkeling mask and fins on for the morning. The water was so clear and the reefs quite shallow – amazing fish swimming around from huge schools of Big Eyed Jacks to Angelfish and Pufferfish! We went to a second island – Violin Island for lunch and swimming at the beach. The beach on this island was so calm with almost no waves – beautiful to float and look up at the clouds!


I was on the tour with a large American family… they were very interested in my Gap Year adventures particularly how I ended up living and vounteering here in Bahia Ballena. I told them all about the Geoporter’s project and how we are sharing the GPS technologies within the community. One of the tourists saw Reymer using the GPS and asked if he was texting his girldfriend! He explained no it was a GPS and he was marking that we had seen a turtle swim past the boat. I see that an important component of the project is to also educate the tourists visiting Bahia about Geoporter and how we are using GPS technologies within the community.

At 3pm we arrived home safely after an awesome tour. Many thanks to Bahia Aventuras particularly Reymer for making the day so special!


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