Connecting to Houston – Mission: Engaging 100+ students with GIS

While Geography Awareness Week doesn’t kick off officially until Monday, November 18, and GIS Day isn’t until next Friday, we kicked it off early. By connecting with one of my colleagues from the first T3G Institute, he helped arrange for this mornings session with over 100 students in grades 9-12 in Houston. The idea: to share how we are using GIS and GPS here in Bahia Ballena. What’s GIS all about? What projects are community members and teachers participating in in a coastal community in Costa Rica?

In addition to myself, I had Fernando, Ronald and Dean connecting with me. This enabled them to see some of the impact with the community members. Pretty cool to have these guys participate with me.

So where did we connect from today?

What’s the distance between Houston and Bahia Ballena?

What a group!!


Houston Bahia GIS Day 2013

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