Extending Geoporter’s reach: A volunteer’s view


Geoporter recently expanded their work to the town of Piedras Blancas, Costa Rica. As a new Geoporter volunteer, this was an incredible opportunity for me to be part of the work Geoporter does.  During my second week interning for Geoporter in Bahia Ballena we drove to the small community of Piedras Blancas to conduct … Continue reading

No Act is Too Small When it Comes to Protecting The World’s Oceans

While we continue to work in Bahia Ballena, we want to make sure you are aware of what some of our community supporters are up to. They make a difference and we want to give back to those who are … Continue reading

Huffington Post: Making an Impact One Person at a Time

Back in March 2013, we received a seed grant from the Pollination Project for $1,000 to support the creation of our Geospatial Technology Lab. The lab enabled us to offer trainings to residents here in Bahia Ballena at different locations … Continue reading

The Pura Vida of The Pollination Project: The Impact of $1K in Costa Rica

Humpback whales from northern and southern migrations in the Pacific Ocean travel every winter to the breeding grounds near the equator. These humpback whales now have a breeding environment off the coast of Costa Rica that is less polluted than … Continue reading

We’re Celebrating!!! We are Officially One! A Year as Geoporter in Bahia Ballena, Costa Rica


August 7, 2012, I was making my way to Bahia Ballena to spend 2 months training residents, youth and teachers how to use GIS and GPS to map the whale sightings, trash in the community and use in the classrooms. … Continue reading